S1E1: Mental Health

It is estimated that 1 in 4 people experience mental health issues every year in the UK and with the global pandemic and lockdown, this only increased.
In our first episode we cover how our mental health has been whilst navigating space through lockdown. We discuss methods we use to deal with it and the importance of a healthy mental state. 

In this episode we have Nikhwat, Ayisatu, Sim & Moeed Majeed.

Across the globe, on average, 25% of people lost their job as business scrambled to stay afloat during lockdown. Parents became home teachers and exams were cancelled throughout the UK. In this episode we cover how we were all affected by all the changes we faced, how some of us had to adapt to zoom classes as well as becoming teachers to toddlers.

In this episode we have Nasra Ayub. Ella, Tyler & Moeed Majeed.

S1E3: Relationships

We all need a break from loved ones from time to time but when you are forced to stay indoors, how did you adapt? Did the lockdown add a strain to your relationships? How about your working relationships, did they suffer or did you become a more productive group during lockdown? 
The face of dating changed completely and people who had just met ended up spending a lot more time together than usual. We discuss how we have all dealt with all the different relationships in our lives and whether or not they have been affected positively or negatively. 

In this episode we have Sajidah, Sufiatu & Moeed Majeed.

S1E4: Positive Outcomes

This may sound far-fetched but is there anything positive we can take from living through the pandemic and lockdown? Were you able to spend more time with your family or start that business you always wanted to but never had that time for? Did you start jogging everyday or finish painting the spare room?
As humans we always find ways to adapt to the situation we are in and in this episode we discuss the importance of making the most of the opportunities that come your way. 

In this episode we have Tyler, Ella, Sajidah & Moeed Majeed.

S1E5: Structures Inequalities

People who live in the most deprived areas of England and Wales are around twice as likely to die after contracting Covid-19…why? 
A majority of teachers from extremely deprived schools reported that their students were 3 months behind in their education as some did not have access to the online resources. 

Is this due to unfortunate circumstances or are there much deeper, societal issues causing this?

In this episode we have Sufiatu, Sim & Moeed Majeed.

S1E6: Introspection

Introspection – the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes. This lockdown was a great opportunity for us all to take the opportunity to do some self-reflection. Are we happy with the direction our life is going in or do we want more from our time on earth? Has lockdown taught us anything new about ourselves? Are there any annoying habits you didn’t realise you had until spending so much time with yourself?

In this episode, we discuss how we as humans always need some time to look inwards and how that can positively affect what we put out … even during a global pandemic.